Auslogics Browser Care

Control all the add-ons installed on your browser


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When you want to install a program, you often find that there is a plugin or toolbar for your browser that comes along with it. Sometimes, these add-ons are installed without your permission, and sometimes they're not even visible in the browser. So, you might not know that you want to get rid of them.

When a browser fills up with toolbars and add-ons, sooner or later technical problems begin to appear, including a huge drop in your connection speed. Auslogics Browser Care is a tool that is designed to help you control all of the add-ons and toolbars that are installed on your browsers.

You can use this program to see all of the plugins and toolbars that your browsers have so that you can delete the ones that aren't necessary, the ones that were installed without your permission, or the ones that aren't very safe.

Auslogics Browser Care allows you to administer all of the apps from one single panel, including a list of all of the plugins for each browser, along with the status and safety of each, as well as the website and search engine that is set by default.

In addition, if your home page was replaced by something else that just keeps coming back no matter how many times you change it, this program will allow you to change it back once and for all.

Supports the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

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